My list of the best resturants in UK:

The Inn at Whitewell, near Clitheroe, Lancs

We often go to this pub in the Ribble Valley, a beautiful part of the world. What I love about him is that I don’t have to think too much. The food is consistent, modest, but always delicious. This is a pub classic, very British food: fish cakes, hot pot, delicious cold cuts or fish, good stews. The menu does not change very often, but the special boards change constantly. Log fires are thundering. It’s a relaxed environment, so my little son likes to go there too, and everyone who passes by is lovely – pedestrians, people who have been out hunting and dogs are welcome. The main advantage is that you can walk around Whitewell and then go out and have a snack and a glass of good wine.

Ultracomida, Narberth, Pembrokeshire

This warm and bustling dining room prepares delicious meals. Ben Marks is a very talented chef who prepares the most beautiful dishes. The influences are more European, but it’s a pretty eclectic mix. Last time I ate yesterday’s canapé-sized bread soaked in moules mariniere sauce — the best bite — and hake in batter fried in beef fat with chip shop curry. The atmosphere of the neighborhood reigns here, but it is also a great place for celebrations: large windows that bend around; beautiful plants are everywhere. There is also a small bar where I ate while looking at Ben setting the table.

14 Hills

Dinner at high altitude is nothing new in the City of London, and restaurants are not looking to attract a changing audience of diners and drinkers, but rather appeal to temporary crowds of locals looking for kinship and tourists looking for a new nest. from where you can enjoy the capital. At the same time, 14 hills stand out. And here’s why: It sits right under the new square at 120 Fenchurch Street, which is a stand-alone place, perfectly complemented by 14 hills. Consisting of a deli, bar and dining room, it offers takeaway from 9 am to 5 pm on weekdays, lunch and dinner until 10:30 pm Monday through Saturday, and a bar that sways quietly until early morning. Okay, so far, but the secret sauce here is Chef Thomas Piat, who recently returned from his native France, where he opened the simply gorgeous trendy JOiA restaurant for Michelin-starred Chef Helen Darozze at the Connaught. Prior to that, Piat had worked for over ten years with another stronghold of elite French cuisine, Daniel Bulud, and this is manifested in the accuracy and perfection of his preparation. Sure, there are bistros on the menu (perfectly cooked and presented terrines for beginners), but the innovation here is to bring all the great tech to modern British classics including Chicken Kiev and Dover Sole.

Sketch Lecture Room & Library

When the new Michelin guide was introduced in October, the only thing that surprised people more than The Araki by losing all of its three stars was the announcement that the lecture hall and library in Sketch had acquired a third. Not bad enough for a restaurant that, when it first opened, received poor reviews and a barrage of harshly negative publicity. However, becoming one of only five UK restaurants to achieve this magical three-star rating, Sketch has finally fulfilled the vision of the charismatic restaurateur Murad Mazuz (who called the award “winning the World Cup”) and his legendary chef, Pierre Ganier.


This winter, you’ll have a hard time deciding what was London’s biggest seasonal discovery, Winter Wonderland, or the last outpost of South American gastronomic sensation Amazónico in Madrid and Dubai.

The venue is large and the tastes are bold enough to match: owners Sandro Silva and Marta Seco lured Vito Reyes from nearby Ceviche to expand his Peruvian roots with full-fledged conga through the South American book of flavors. Light snacks like oven-baked chicken rolls and sea urchin guacamole, as well as Amazónico tortilla chips, insanely crisper crispy bananas. But this place is actually about charcoal meat, hand carved on the table and dripping juicy juices. Our tip is to order a perfectly grilled picana.