The best resturants in London in my opinion:

1. Story is the most “bookish” restaurant in the city

This looking trendy and expensive London gourmet restaurant is owned by the young chef Tom Sellers. Six months after its opening, it won its first Michelin star. The concept of the establishment is original: each dish tells its own story. Therefore, everything here – from the interior to the names of food – is associated with books. The dishes are called Chapters, and in the evenings, guests are offered a full story set menu. Each dish at this expensive Michelin-starred restaurant is a unique piece of art. Have you ever tried squid cookies filled with smoked eel cream or mashed potatoes with radish oil and barley and asparagus stalks? It’s time to have this incredible gastronomic experience!

2. The Five Fields – perfect memory of England

This is a prestigious Michelin-starred restaurant in the heart of London, in the Chelsea area, near the Saatachi Gallery. The very atmosphere here: soft and delicate tones, ivory furniture, walls decorated with ornaments and paintings – disposes to completely relax and immerse yourself in an atmosphere of luxury and comfort. Although not the most expensive restaurant in London, its menu is one of the best. Delicate sheep’s cheese, spicy Orkney scallops with asparagus and ribs with anchovies and vegetables are just a few of the things to try at The Five Fields.

3. London Shell Co – the best for a romantic mood

London Shell Co is a charming waterfront restaurant that takes you on a journey through London’s famous Regent’s Canal. For several hours, guests can not only enjoy delicious food, but also admire the beautiful views of the city. The menu is based on fish and seafood. Also noteworthy is the excellent wine list, which seems to have absorbed all the best varieties. The restaurant itself is small – only 40 seats – but the atmosphere in it captivates with tranquility. This is the best spot for London’s most memorable water dining experience.

4. St. John – choice of connoisseurs of traditional English cuisine

Near the historic Smithfield Meat Market is one of the trendiest, most respectable and expensive restaurants in London, which has won a Michelin star. For almost 20 years St. John remains an unsurpassed example of national cuisine: in an atmosphere devoid of any pathos, quite traditional dishes are served, made from kidneys, hearts, liver and even tripe. However, the Michelin restaurant menu is by no means limited to them. Chef St. John Fergus Henderson is considered a virtuoso of his craft and a significant figure in world gastronomy. The restaurant owes his talent to many culinary masterpieces, which include both marrow bones with parsley salad and traditional English puddings. Here you can also try famous British desserts, such as Eton Mess. In short, St. John is a must-see on the gastronomic program in London.