The best resturants in Leeds by my opinion:

The Man Behind the Curtain

By far the most intriguing name in Leeds, Michelin-starred The Man Behind the Curtain is also a contender for Best Restaurant. The real man behind the scenes is Michael O’Hara, a celebrity chef who draws parallels to culinary wizard Heston Blumenthal himself.

Expect a generous dose of theatricality in your meal, which comes in the form of a 6, 10 or 14 course tasting menu or “snack sequence” taken at the cocktail bar. Whichever you choose, you’re likely to find a pretty addictive combination on your plate – what does Korean oyster soup, char sui octopus, and rhubarb pigeon sound like? You pay for this privilege, but dining here is an experience you’ll probably remember for a long time.

Vice and Virtue

Luke Downing is one of the city’s most prestigious chefs, with a reputation ahead of him and you’ll find him at Vice & Virtue downtown (although he owns many different restaurants throughout the city). Don’t expect to stop by without booking in advance, after all, this is one of the best restaurants in Leeds. Walk up to the bar and they will guide you to the Art Deco dining room where the food is delicious.

The multi-course tasting menu is composed of local produce, prepared and perfected. Downing is known to spend mornings foraging for food such as venison with berries and pears. Expect a chorus of “ooh” and “aaah” as each plate is brought to the table. It’s a gourmet lunch with a price to match, but for a truly unbridled party, you can splurge on one of the complimentary drinks packages as their experienced team mixes wines and original cocktails with your meals.

The Oxford Place

The Oxford Place, the only restaurant in Yorkshire that is completely gluten-free, calls Leeds home and answers the “where to eat?” Questions faced by people with celiac disease. But it’s not just its impeccable spirit that makes Oxford Place such a great place to eat in Leeds. It’s a pretty little restaurant tucked away in Oxford Place and easy to miss, with a cool bistro you wouldn’t even guess outside.

The gluten-free promise does not mean a compromise on taste. Rather, gastropub favorites such as gourmet beef burger, haddock and chips and slow-cooked pork belly are beautifully cooked and served on a grand scale – edible flowers are an amazing delight. Prices are reasonable, not cheap, but once you find this hidden gem, you are more likely to come back, celiac or not.

Salami & Co

If you’re looking for a great place to eat with your precious dog, Salami & Co at Otley is sure to make you wag your tail. They call it a coffee shop, but this cafe has a lot more than just hot drinks. A delicious brunch menu is offered throughout the day, featuring treats such as smoked salmon with edamame and grilled cheese sandwich topped with béchamel sauce, red pepper puree and complementary chorizo ​​or olives.

People will love the quality food, but Fido hasn’t been forgotten. Dogs are provided with a comfortable mat to sit on, a supply of fresh water, towels to wipe off dirty paws, and their own dog menu. Where is the best place for a puppuccino or a cupcake snack? Salami & Co is different from the others, it’s unusually cool, but we love it as much as everyone else, and their players too.